Email Gorilla Sender


Easy to use email client that is optimized to send mass emails from external files or databases, utilizing multiple email accounts to market “under the radar.” Ability to use HTML mail, attachments, mail merge with variables for customization, statistics, and auto-generate one click unsubsribe links. Two versions are available, one is a purely desktop / file based product, the other integrates into your web and database server.

Desktop Sender Edition

  • Use HTML Mail
  • Use Attachments
  • Rotate from multiple email accounts from one transmission transaction.
  • Automatic Unsubscribe functionality
  • Point to text files of emails
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Client/Server Sender Edition (Web server & Database Server Required)

  • Everything that the Desktop Sender Edition Has
  • Auto Generage one click Unsubribe links and usubscribe management
  • Central Administration of your email addresses